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Product code: AA8695
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Protect your Queen and trap your opponents - a highly addictive strategic game for two players. With no board it can be played on any flat surface and the pieces in it all have a unique way of moving.

  • Players: 2
  • Play Time: 20 mins
  • Ages: 9+

Hive is made up of twenty two pieces, eleven for each player, resembling a variety of creatures such as grass-hoppers, beetles, spiders and ants. There is no setting setting up to do – the game begins when the first player puts down a piece, and subsequent pieces must be connected to the expanding 'hive' so that the pieces themselves become the board. Each piece moves differently – ants scurry around the edge of the hive, grass-hoppers can leap over other pieces, while the slow and stately beetle can climb on top of other pieces – pinning them in place. This means that each has its strengths and weaknesses, and the pieces you choose to bring out (and when) allows for a huge variety of strategies. Unlike other such games, the pieces are never eliminated and not all have to be played – you are always choosing between bringing out a new piece, and moving one of those already in play. With play that is simple to learn but full of strategy, coupled with quick and set-up free play time, Hive is a fascinating abstract game that is entriely it's own animal - or in this case insect.

Eclectic Games, Reading - Sat Jul 20 13:26:26 BST 2019 [web4]