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Play RolePlaying Games in Reading!

The adventure you create!

Whether you're wanting to slay fearsome beasts, dragons, or nefarious evil-doers, or you're looking to roleplay social situations with intrigue and bluffing - RolePlaying games have it all.

Dungeons & Dragons, the perhaps most well-known RPG

D&D is now in its 5th edition, though the creators Wizards of the Coast are currently playtesting for One D&D to create a new compatible version.

We have a huge range of D&D core books and adventures.

We also run our D&D Learn to Play sessions every Monday from 6.30-10pm. Click here for tickets.

But I like my fantasy roleplaying a little bit different!

From modern cyberpunk to Pathfinder, Animal Adventures to Call of Cthulhu, we have a large range of books for your RolePlaying Games.

Do you run D&D and RPG sessions at eclectic games?

We infrequently run D&D one shots (short adventures) and taster sessions. We're looking into what we're going to offer in 2024 soon, but are now offering Learn-to-Play D&D sessions every Monday evening. Click here for tickets.

RolePlaying Groups in Reading:

In recent months a number of groups have sprung up running campaigns and short games. Sometimes game masters will post openings for their games on our eclectic games' Discord server.

I want to try out many things!

GARPS is Reading Uni's Games and RolePlaying Society who meet every Monday for board games and Tuesdays for RPGs on campus. Anyone can be a member and join in. They run a number of RPGs.

The GARPS Discord server has more info.

I like my games indie, like My Little Pony, Star Wars Mercenaries, or Mork Borg.

Your place to be is in the Purple Turtle on Wednesday evenings with the Nameless Place group! Yes, the place you have probably ended up on a night out now has a dedicated group playing RPGs in the Purple Turtle Dungeon.

Join the Nameless Place Facebook group to find out about future games and meet the group!

I like to play D&D and also have a drink!

Dungeons & Daquiries play at Be at One bar every Tuesday at 6pm. They have a number of longrunning campaigns they run every other week and can be spectated and alternate the other weeks with one-shots with their house dungeon masters or guest DMs.

Find out more info on the Dungeons & Daquiries discord.

What else do I need to play RPGs?

Most games require some dice to roll for success - take a look at our dice range:


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