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Dodoreasque - Jungle Fever

Product code: AC9693
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Dodoresque: Jungle Fever is a funny card game for 2-4 players. Each Player takes the role of a Dodo, trying to build the best nest possible.

To do so, the Dodos can go on Adventures, Trade and Build.

Each player starts out with the drawing of 3 starting cards, of which one is discarded to create the exchange stack.

To gather nest building materials, the Dodo Players have to go on Adventures in one of three card stacks (drawing cards). Those stacks consist of 2 different card types: Material and Action. To get better material cards, you need the right action cards on your hand to counter certain effects and be able to take the materials on your hand. Material cards from your hand can be built into a nest by playing them on the table in front of you. A nest consists of a maximum of 6 cards. Goal of the game is to score as many points as possible with different combinations of cards in your nest.

Another option to get the cards you need is to trade with other players, but not in a direct way. Depending on the number of players there are some cards available as an exchange stack. Players can trade cards from their hand with the exchange stack.

Each material card has one of three types, one of four themes and an individual value between 1 and 3. To build the perfect nest you require 2 cards of each type, preferably of the same theme and with an individual value as high as possible.

The game ends when one of the adventure card stacks is used up or one of the Dodo characters has lost all of its hit points.

Dodoresque consists of 90 cards, over 60 of them with unique artworks of our Dodos and their adventures.

Dodoresque: Jungle Fever can be combined with Dodoresque: Cherry Blossom to be played with up to 8 Players.

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