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City of Zombies Ultimate Edition

Product code: AC4568
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City of Zombies is a co-operative, dice-based survival game suitable for nearly all ages and abilities. Players are attempting to fight off zombies on the barricade in an attempt to escape from the city. There are five rows before the barricade is breached (City, Road, Fields, Backyard, Barricade) and six spaces in each row. The aim is to last 15 turns before rescue arrives. Each zombie card has a target number on it, as well as a small icon in the top left showing the number of survivors that it will 'scare off 'should it reach the barricade.

Players: 1-6

Play Time: 30 mins

Ages: 6+

On their turn each player rolls three six-sided dice, and then uses whatever mathematical abilities they have to use all three dice faces to exactly match one or more target numbers on the inbound shambling zombies. This can be as simple as adding or subtracting the faces together, or such things as cubing or square-rooting the numbers. The only requirement is that all three dice faces have to be used and that you have to exactly hit the target number - head shots only to take out these particular zombies. More than one target can be hit and killed if the numbers allow, and if you can kill one, you have to. Not that there's a good reason not to - after all, there's never any shortage of zombies.

Originally created to help the designer's daughter with her maths, City of Zombies has learning potential for a variety of ages and abilities. This game equally suits experienced gaming groups as a good warm-up or to round out an evening of gaming.

Eclectic Games, Reading - Tue Mar 31 20:01:11 BST 2020 [web4]